Pet Photography

Whether you have 1 or a gang of furry children, you want to cherish them just like any other family member. Why not a full on photo shoot? We will spend time with you and your pet to capture the perfect portraits for them and you.  You don't even have to be in the picture yourself (most people feel that way)

Portrait Photography

We love doing fun and silly photo shoots for people too, the great thing is we are completely mobile and we can bring the setup to you.  Whether you are doing something silly or getting a new set of headshots for your work or even headshots for your budding acting career. We can help and we can get the job done for you.

Nature Photography

Do you have a need to send a photographer abroad to take photos of natural phenomenon? We can do that for you! Even if it's right in your back yard or across the globe, we'll capture that beautiful elk on camera, the crazy meteor shower, or even the pretty flowers you planted last week.

Event Photography

Have an office party that you want documented? How about a birthday party? Maybe there is an anniversary dinner you want to capture forever? We will do that for you. We cover just about any event, except weddings, seriously, no weddings. If you do want us to cover a wedding, we will decline, however, we can point you to some amazing wedding photographers.

Artistic, Product Shots and More!

Do you have products for you company that you need high quality, Internet ready images for? Maybe you have a restaurant that you are dying to get great shots of your food? Or, maybe you want to take buckets of paint and throw them at a wall! We'll shoot it all.

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