SNG Photography
Atlanta’s Premiere Pet Photographer

Your Pet Deserves the Royal Treatment
What can a professional pet photographer do for you? Look at Philomena the Pug with her tens of thousands of followers, you might recognize that pug’s face on my site. That is my pug, and I set out to not just sit and take photos of my pet for the sake of taking photos. I wanted to have actual pet portraits, themed shoots, and other fun ideas of being a photographer can bring to your pet. Her following is a testament to what a quality photo of your pet can bring.
Studio Portraits
I bring the studio to you. With simple backdrops and professional lighting, I can get the professional portrait that would be fit for humans. 
Lifestyle Photos
Capturing the moment in your pet’s lives. You have seen plenty of people who love to take photos in their favorite places. Let’s treat your pet the same way. Do they have a favorite park? A favorite place in your house? Let’s capture them at their most comfortable.
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